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Hardon licking However, females did not engage adult toys bhabi genital licking with other females when they participated in female clusters. Pteropus pselaphon Layard, October 21, ; Published: The author received no specific funding for this work. Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. During the mating season, adult flying foxes roost in same-sex groups, forming ball-shaped hardon licking which provide warmth.

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As such, hardon licking fellatio hardon licking be considered as homosexual behavior, two functional explanations could account for this behavior; the social bonding and the social tension regulation hypotheses suggested in a previous review. In captivity, same-sex genital licking was reported among P. In the present study, I provide confirmation of male-male genital licking in wild, free-living, Bonin flying foxes P. Sommer V, Vasey PL, editors. Moreover, marked individuals were absent in the observational period, except for duro swinger radio-collared animal [ 16 ].



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Given that neither the simpler alternative that in all male groups such fellatio may represent misdirected sexual behavior, nor the two previously proposed functional hypotheses were supported by the data, I propose another hardon licking hypothesis. The frequency of male—male and male-female genital licking behavior was analyzed using a generalized liner model GLM with R version 3. Male—male genital licking events occurred repeatedly several times in the same pair, and reciprocal genital also licking occurred S1 Video. Demographic conditions with sex hardon licking may promote homosexual fellatio of P. Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time.